Monday, 15 August 2011

Time Out! It's Time for Me

I read from the posts on this blog and heard from CSC how both Lucy and Siew Lian are selfless ladies who put every thing and every one else first. I say there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, I think people like them are becoming a rare breed. And to do something for them (especially something unexpected) would be really cool.

So when I heard that CSC had managed to get Gnile Sdn Bhd to sponsor spa packages for them, I thought there couldn't be anything nicer to give as a gift to Lucy and Siew Lian.

I met both Lucy and Siew Lian on the same day; the day of the spa; Siew Lian rode with me in my car to the salon and we met Lucy there. She had taken a bus to the place.

When I met them, I had the distinct impression of them being unsure about spending an entire two hours in self-indulgence. First Siew Lian was late as she was preparing breakfast for her elderly mother and I had to wait quite a while outside her gate.

And when we met up with Lucy, she seemed nervous and edgy. She told me she had not been too keen to come but had decided to give it a shot anyway. She hadn't had a facial since her wedding almost a quarter century ago, and wasn't sure what to expect.

On the drive to the salon, Siew Lian was worried about the products as SLE patients have hyper-sensitive skin. Fortunately Mei Ling, the manager at the salon was very good at putting her worries to rest. An allergy test was conducted and since nothing untoward happened to either of their skins, we went ahead with the treatments.

2 hours later....

Ah, you should have seen both the ladies after the facial treatment. Visibly calmer. Not so much nervous laughter or chatter.

Lucy said she enjoyed the gentle yet very expert massage given by her beautician. Siew Lian even joked that if there was a way to go, this was it. 

While Lucy was quite open to complete her spa package, Siew Lian was a bit hard-pressed to agree. Well, it will be good to see both ladies complete their package and see how each comes out of it.

Siew Lian fixes her hair after the facial.

The day's package also included a make-up and hair styling session for a dinner later the same day.


Mei Ling applies make up on Lucy....

While her assistant applies make-up on Siew Lian...


....ta dah! Lucy all made up, just waiting for the perfect hair to complete the look.
I don't have the 'after' pictures.


there are video footages that will be uploaded on youtube.  The link will be put up here later.

Our thanks to Gnile Beauty Sdn Bhd for making this day possible. More about Gnile Sdn Bhd here. (a link will be added soon)

by louise

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