Thursday, 19 January 2012

Pong's Story: Take What You Feel and Use It

Pong's story has been very carefully recorded in both the Portraits of Perseverance Blog as well as in several fascinating videos on the ehPerserverance Channel on Youtube. To quickly review, Pong was born and raised in a small village named Ipoh. During her lifetime, Pong endured great difficulty by losing her child, and contracting a viral infection after her still birth. Soon after collapsing at home due to the viral infection, Pong fell into a coma for 2 months. After awakening from the coma, she was able to regain movement and strength in her arms, but her legs received the opposite diagnosis. Pong had her legs amputated but then found that the incision left behind could not to allow her to sit up straight. During this time, Pong hadto rely on dragging herself around the floors of her house on her stomach before receiving a trolly for support. (For Pong's Full Story Please Click Here)

Through all of these difficulties, and more that I have omitted for the sake of brevity, Pong has found a positive light in her life that allows her to persevere. Even with more complications such as leukemia, kidney disease, a heart attack, and more, Pong still beams with the light and charisma that are an essential characteristics of a survivor. Pong's life story is not one to be taken lightly. It is not the type of story to be glorified for the sake of human entertainment or to arouse mass amounts of pity. Her story is really a bastion for others to look upon and draw inspiration from. Even in her handicapped state, Pong serves as the voluntary President of the Hope Era, a society for handicapped citizens in Ipoh, Malaysia. She utilizes her passion and mental strength to produce outcomes that few could do without any of her limitations.

Struggles and obstacles are a natural part of everyone's life, yet Pong has had an unusual share of her own obstacles and struggles. Her life story is not one to induce
pity or despair. Instead, it serves as a stronghold for all individuals with large and small obstacles. I am sure that everyone can see a bit of their own pain and loss within Pong and her story. I feel that it is the reader's responsibility to take the feelings and emotions they receive from her story, whether that be inspiration, charisma, pity, ingenuity, etc. etc., and use those feelings to make a difference whether that difference be in Pong's Life, the reader's life, or people close to the reader. Let us all hope that we can achieve at least one quarter of what Pong can achieve with whatever we are blessed with in our lives.

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