Monday, 27 February 2012

So many thank you cards, so little time

My mom always taught me that any good deed deserves a thank you card.  I have less than two weeks left in Malaysia, I’d better get writing!

Ching Ching is the best!
That’s my cute way of saying that the people here have been very good to me.  As I look back and try to remember all the people I need to thank, the list is ....extensive. 

Topical reference: I feel like one of those winners at the Academy Awards who drones on and on about how nothing would be possible without the dozens of people who helped along the way. “First of all I want to thank God...”

Ok, I don’t want to compare my part in the Portraits of Perseverance documentary to the leading role in an Oscar winning film, but you get my point.

Fikri & I eating lunch
This weekend I was chasing around Sulastri and Nisha, taking up time on their valuable off days, usually reserved for much needed rest, to get some last minute footage.  I had to film Nisha singing a song that our talented friend Diane Soh had written just for the project.  So I required the help of Nisha (singing), Diane (piano), Diane’s husband Hock (tech support), and my friend Fikri (sound).  It was quite the production!  Then when it was all done, Ching Ching treated Fikri to a delicious lunch as an impromptu payment.  A lot of people volunteered a lot of time and effort to help me with just one scene.

I have countless other examples just like that, probably one for each scene in the documentary.  At  a total run time of 45 minutes, you can imagine, I have a lot of “thank-you” to dish out.  That is only on the work side of things.  I am getting treated to hospitality all over the place on a personal level too.

Rainbow cake @ Gareth's bday. Boom!
Last week Rhonwyn’s boyfriend Gareth and his family let me tag along for his birthday dinner.  (See massive cake picture...Mmmmm Cake.)  This weekend, Rhonwyn invited me to see her in action at a drum circle.  It was a great chance to release some stress in a delightfully musical way, and there were a lot of cute kids there! (Again, see picture)

I am a sucker for a cute kid shot.
Even though thank you cards don’t begin to make up for the kindness that has been poured over me here in Malaysia, they do help me to express my abundant gratitude.  I will leave this experience with a new understanding of how great people can be.  I may not be able to repay the favours here, but I will be looking for opportunities to pay it forward.  So watch out! 

By Morgan ReedJ

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