Saturday, 7 April 2012

Watching Portraits of Perseverance

“Portraits of Perseverance” sheds light on some of the troubles four women face in their daily lives, and how they manage to cope with them. I find it amazing how the women pull through each day and still remain cheerful and committed to their responsibilities.
For Lucy, she juggles the duties of a mother and the added plight of a Lupus patient. Pong had to deal with losing her legs after giving birth over 26 years ago. As for Nisha and Sulastri, they are bombarded with the unique challenges of being transsexuals in a conservative society.
Well, there goes the saying that, "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going."

Once the POP video was completed, the post-production team watched the final draft. I realized that everyday, the women take on these challenges bravely and triumph over them.

Snippets of the documentary featured Pong moving about with difficulty, yet without complaining at all; Sulastri emphasising that "this is who" she is, regardless of what others might think or say about her. These are women of strength.

They are heroines in their own right.

Ching Ching talking to the interns in the post-production team about the video.

“It’s a very heartwarming video, and it highlights some problems that these women go through. We are lucky enough to not have to face these problems!" Dominique said, when asked about his thoughts concerning the video. “But at the same time, it also highlights problems that all of us as people share. (The video) has a lot of life lessons (that teach us) to appreciate the things we have.”

Young ones like us could learn so much from them.
Joshua’s take on the video pretty much sums up what many of us thought of it, “It’s very touching. It’s a production that can relate to (many aspects of) one’s life.”
The documentary gives the viewer access into the daily lives of the women. 
It takes the viewer to a personal level to understand their stories.

It successfully tells those stories in the rawest and most realistic way possible.
“Considering this is eHomemakers first documentary, I think we did a really good job.” said Rhonwyn, who was part of the “Portraits of Perseverance” production team.

Some of the post-production team members watching the final POP draft.

All in all, the process of making the video has been a roller-coaster ride, just like the many journeys we embark on in life. But through that grinding process, this masterpiece of a documentary was born.

You be the judge of that!
I personally believe that this video delivers a very strong theme - that is, tough times don’t last, but TOUGH PEOPLE DO.  As Joshua said, “The women have times when they are down, and during those times, they look up." 

And I hope that every person who watches "Portraits of Perseverance" will be touched by that message.

by Junmey

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