Sunday, 27 November 2011

A Helping Heart

Siew Lian’s whole life is about helping others.  I’ve only just met her but this theme is clear to even the casual observer.  With a quiet peace, and kind patience, Siew Lian reaches out to everyone in her world.

Although she tries her best to be self sufficient, Siew Lian’s mother needs help getting around.  The two go to church together every week.   Siew Lian lovingly watches over the tiny woman as she makes her way to and from service and helps her in and out of the car.  The women share laughter and conversation in the car.  Family is a wonderful thing.

Then there are the lupus patients whom Siew Lian dedicates so much of her time to helping.  A patient herself, Siew Lian doesn’t waste time bemoaning her condition but instead uses her experience to help others who are struggling.

She even makes time for a stunned intern from Canada, who’s trying to adjust to a completely foreign environment.  On Sunday Siew Lian brought me to church with her and her mother.  Although the sanctuary was much bigger than I’m used to and I obviously didn’t know anyone there, as I sang along with the group I felt at home. 

Then Siew Lian and her mother took me for not one, but two welcome lunches.  I might get very fat during my time here in Malaysia, but I won’t ever feel unwelcome!

Its women like Siew Lian, and the other members of eHomemakers who make it a priority to reach out, that pave the way for other women like me.  They give us the leadership and inspiration we need to succeed in this life.
The only downside is that sometimes when we are so focused on helping others, we forget to help ourselves.  Self love is sometimes the hardest, but as Whitney Houston once said, "learning to love yourself, is the greatest love of all."
Sorry to quote Whitney Houston, but it is a good song!

By: Morgan Reed

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