Monday, 28 November 2011

The last of the original team

Lucy Goh, hard at work

Twenty some women participated in the first Salaam Wanita basket weaving training session in Kuala Lumpur 8 years ago.  Now, Lucy Goh is the only one still working with eHomemakers.  It’s actually a good thing, since many have gone on to become self sufficient, but Lucy has joined the eHomemakers team on the administrative side of things.  She’s a pleasant addition in the office every Tuesday.

Once a week she makes the long trip from her home to the office to volunteer. She spends the day in the eco-basket inventory room busy with tasks like tagging baskets, cutting tags, or packing up orders for buyers.

There is a lot of work but Lucy doesn’t mind. She sits by herself in the inventory room, working diligently with a smile on her face. She says she enjoys her time at the eHomemakers office. It is peaceful.

Lucy keeps coming back every week even though she is very busy with 3 jobs.  She also works twice a week with a company called TLC selling environmentally friendly cleaning products.  But perhaps the job that is most near to her heart is working with SLE (Systematic Lupus Erythematosus) patients.  A patient herself since the age of 19, Lucy had a terrible relapse in 2001.  She nearly died and lost her job as a result.  That’s what brought her to eHomemakers in the first place.

Now that she’s feeling better Lucy keeps coming back because of the women who are helped through the Salaam Wanita project.  She says they can’t come into the office and have to work from home, so she’s happy to come in and help them sell their products so they can support their families.

By: Morgan Reed

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